whatcha talking boutt mr wilsonIve been trying to find all kinds of Turley history but have all learned you don't know the difference between Turley history and a Frosted Pop Tart.

I know when searching on sites, I get bits and pieces.

Wikipedia has more of a Mish Mash of unreliable facts.

We do have the Turley OK History association.
This site is great but really hasn't been updated that much in 8 years. They did take out all the bad links but the info is the same. Yes, I used the internets way back machine. https://archive.org/web/

We do have the Turley Facebook Page.
This is an Okay group but I am pretty sure Mohammed Ghandi and Mother Teresa would like to take a potshot at most of you. And History? Almost Nothing.

Another NEW facebook is
This group is slowly picking up steam but it's kind of like a silent fart in the Elevator. I'm sure when it gets going and people talking, it will be a great little page. But it's not Turley History.

 Now comes "The Wilson Chronicles", Named after Dennis Wilson who just happens to share old stories and the History of Turley.

If anyone has old stories or Histories of Turley, you are more than welcome to send them to me and I will gladly post. So share  your knowledge and show everyone what a great town this use to be and can be again.

Dates with Stories would be great!

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