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How many are aware that there once was a cemetery in Turley?

It was located on the Maxfield allocation but was obliterated about 1930. The headstones were taken and used to line a pond on Utica on the hill betweem 56th and 61st.

"There is an old cemetery, now abandoned south-
east of Turley. It is on the section road a half
mile south of Turiey running east arid west and about
a half mile east of Lewis Avenue*
Aunt.Kate Clayweli, a Cherokee is .buried there.
Bunk Maxfield an Indian as well as lots of others,
are buried there. 
The last time I saw the grounds, the tombstones
were piled up,.hafl been knocked downand now it
would be difficult to identify the graves."

The above is an extract from a Frank Goodwin interview in the OK Pioneer Papers. The cemetery was on my families 80 acres east of Turley. When I was growing up, the cemetery was fenced but there were no markers. My dad told me that old man Bewyer had taken them to line his pond. Needless to say the Maxfields were not very popular since Bud (Bunks son) Maxfield ran with the Daltons and Henry Starr.

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