20190507 115119

So today I finally got to Uptown Grill for Taco Tuesday.

As usual Kristi sold Shari Jalepeno poppers. Shari has me get some every time we're down there.

 Besides that I got the taco salad and Sherry got three tacos. Even though we ate there they should be putting those in to go boxes as there's always more food than we can eat in one sitting. The tacos were quite delicious and not overly spicy. Which is great because my stomach really can't handle spicy food anymore. Actor  we got about halfway through our meal and then take the rest home.

20190507 115119

Every time we go there we noticed that the cooks are always keeping the grills clean. I think that is great is most restaurants do not do that.

 The only complaint I do have if there is definitely not enough seats in there. They are always pretty full of customers. But on the bright side of that they should be here for a while.

 The staff are great and are very attentive. They pay attention to detail and make sure you enjoy your dining experience.

 Now all they need is a handicap wheelchair spot!



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