I literally hate buying plants online. They are always to small, crushed, wilted, brown, and a host of other issues. Well, I wanted Scotch Bonnet pepper plants......

 A friend, Mary Anne, said she would buy me a few plants as she knew I would rather complain and suffer than buy a plant.

Sure, I buy plants locally but never through the mail. And lets face it, Tulsa doesn't have a lot of rare varieties. And Scotch Bonnets? No way! I did find them in a store going for $60 a pound.

So Mary Anne ordered them and I patiently waited for the tangled mess to arrive.

Well, they came today. To my shock, The plants were lush and green and looked like they just came out of the greenhouse. Not to mention that it had an extensive root system.


Now I only needed 2 plants as that will keep me in Bonnets until next season. I have 6 plants of those luscious beauties. So if you want Scotch Bonnets this summer, let me know, I will have tons.

And check out, If you need plants I suggest going here. You will not be dissapointed.

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