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This place is in South West Tulsa. Bring a bag lunch and tent as you may need it! 2515 West 91st Street
Tulsa, OK, 74132.

 They have a web page, Which I strongly suggest you check out and a Facebook page. They also have there 2019 plant list on site. The plant list is great and very informative.


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So I pull in and they graveled the road. This of course, made my wheelchair get stuck. I had to walk. It was so hilarious to see there faces when I got up and started walking. There faces went from a warm, smiling greeting, to a complete look of shock and horror.

They accommodated me the best they could, greeted me and asked what I was looking for. I bet they prayed I didn't fall into there Mater plants. I told Shari that she could get 2 plants and I was going to get 2, so we got 10, What was EXTREMELY HELPFUL, was they had Labels on the table explaining what each Tomato was. This made the selection so much easier.

They also had Herbs and Vegetables but we didn't look at those.

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At checkout, the Lady was extremely courteous, asked if we knew how to grow tomatoes (ROTFLMAO!) and shelled out tips. They didn't have to do that but they wanted to make sure you get the most from your plants. Since they grow Maters for a living, I listened. The friendly atmosphere continued out the door with "Thank you's", "Come again" and "Nice meeting you".

Did I mention they had benches were you could sit down, rest, and get questions answered? Just an FYI for us old and crippled peeps.

Now to find room. With about 100 Mater plants already, plus this ten and more veggies to get in, I am not sure how we are going to pull it off.

If you haven't gone, go. It is definitely worth the trip. They will also be opened in July for a fall planting!

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