This is a true story when I lived in Yakima. Now mind you I have ZERO psychic abilities. Well, I can sense when my wife is about to be pissed off to no end. And now, the Story.

 I love taking pictures of the Sanctuaries in Churches. Especially the old Churches when they wanted to have the best architects. One day we found a Church that was an old Monastery built about 1908.

I met this young Gentleman and asked if I could take a picture of there Sanctuary. He was so excited about his Church that he offered a tour if I had time. I accepted.

As I walked into the church we walked down into a hallway that reminded me of the Exorcist stairs.

exorcist movie stairs

I wasn't scared, it just reminded me of those stairs. As I got through it opened up to a Beautiful Sanctuary and a balcony overhead.

We went up the Balcony and looked around. He pointed to a curtain and said, "That is where our Baptismal is". 

I replied back and said, "Strange. I would assume that it would be behind that wall on the left. He gave me a strange look and informed me that was where the old Baptismal was but they boarded it up. I found out later that it lead to an old Shanghai Tunnel. They boarded that area up so noone could use it. More on this in a bit.

 We came into another room and I mentioned that it reminded me of a meeting place. He informed me that long ago the townspeople would meet there, but now it was where they practice band and let the kids play.

 In another room oh, that was kind of small, was an area where they taught Bible study. I laughed and mentioned that it should be a bedroom. He informed me that long ago it used to be a bedroom for priests and other people that would stay at the church. This went on from room to room.

 Now I forget what it's called, but there was like a big chimney in the middle of the church. It wasn't a chimney but an air vent for their Church. This would Circle the air throughout the building and help cool it off in the hot summer months.

 I made a crack that I thought priests would like to hang themselves there. I don't know why I said it and I knew I shouldn't have. But he informed me that a long time ago to priest did hang themselves in that vent system.

We continued into the back room and I mention that this was an entertainment area, I was correct. I started to Spook myself and this gentleman out. 

We started to come into the kitchen area, and very nervously I look to the left. I had a dream that when I was a child I was at a church and inside was a little room made to look like a log cabin. I am so not making this up. That room look exactly like my dreams. There was a little Closet in there and I nervously said, let me guess, that goes to a tunnel to.

 To my shock and horror it went to the Shanghai Tunnels. They had bricked it up though. 

 In the kitchen was a big heavy wooden countertop. I asked him if an old pipe water pump used to be there. He ensured me there was and lifted part of the table to show me. I then told him where they kept a dry goods to silverware and everything else. He looked at me in complete shock. Every comment I made was dead on. But he still wanted to show me his church.

He exited through another door for a moment. At this point s*** got strange real fast. I felt like the room was filling with static electricity and a light mist.

Before I could think about what was happening, I was at some type of get-together. People were eating and drinking and I heard them talking though not clear enough to understand. They looked as solid as you and I. Eventually one gentleman looked at me straight in the face. I then felt the static electricity in the Mist came back. The room was empty again and everything was put away. If I didn't use the bathroom earlier I sure in hell would have went to the bathroom right then and there. I don't know what I saw and I still can't explain what happened.

 The gentleman came back and asked where I went. I told him that I was staying here waiting for him. He assured me that he spent 15 minutes looking for me and I was nowhere around.

 My Toro was about finished. To get out from there we had to climb a set of stairs and to a small hallway, a set of stairs going back down and then outside. In the hallway, and I don't know why I said it, I mentioned a man was pushed off the balcony. I was correct again. Someone along time ago was pushed off the balcony.

 He quickly rushed me outside and I went home. After a couple of weeks I decided I wanted to go to services at church and I called.

 The secretary I talked to, talk to me for a few minutes and figure it out who I was. She told me very politely that I wasn't welcomed at that church and to go find another one. I asked why but she would never elaborate.

To this day I still cannot figure out a logical explanation for what happened but every time I walk past that church I got real nervous and thought I was going to have some kind of other flashback.

 I never went back to that church and we moved about 6 months later.

 I had one more cool experience in Yakima, but that was at the convict caves, and that's another story.








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