I love stories about haunted elevators. When I was in York, PA I heard about one at the municipal building. It was an 8 story building with 3 floors below ground level.

The Native Americans would never go near the land the building was built upon as they said the land was "tainted". Though a small area it sure had stories of paranormal activity.

The first building had collapsed in on it'self do to a small  fissure in the land that couldn't support the weight, and killed 23 people. Engineers looked at the site and determined that it was solid bedrock around the opening so they decided to build the building on the now opened opening with 3 stories below for extra space and to support the foundation.

When the building was finished, you needed a special key to get to the 3 basement floors, and this is were the problems started.

Sometimes when you went to the first floor, you didn't stop there. The ride down seemed like an eternity. You could feel yourself going further down 3 floors. The lights would go out, the Elevator would shake, and you heard strange noises.

When the Elevator did stop everything would be working. The doors would open and you would mysteriously feel out of time and space. when the doors opened it would be like a window to another Universe. Strange things could be seen and events from long past. If you were brave enough to try to exit, a force, an unimaginable force, would push you back. After some time passed, the doors would close and go back to the first floor. When you got off, instead of a couple minutes passing, it would be a few hours.

And some people got on the elevator and when they came back, they were dead. There face distorted like a funhouse mirror  and there hair was white.

I had to check this out. Now asking permission and getting permission, were two different things. I should have never  said what I was up to. I kept getting denied. Finally I met  a Security guard that took my $200 bribe to let me ride it a couple nights while he was on duty.

On my 4th ride it was getting weird. The lights started flickering and the elevator making screeching sounds. I actually felt myself going into the basement. Disembodied people kept flashing in and out. I so wished I hadn't did this. I pushed buttons but it would not stop it's decent.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the Elevator stopped with a thud.

I was really feeling uneasy. Something didn't want me there. Something wanted to take me.. The doors slowly opened. I heard a voice going, "Mine, mine".......

As the doors opened a bit wider this greenish-pale arm reached in. I stepped back against the wall. As the door finally opened, this creature came towards me with his hands aimed toward my neck. I went to scream. I op

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