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Poor Shari, I must explain about her yet again. One thing I know quite well, If Shari messes up and you get mad, Shari will never do it again, well, what she tried to do anyways. This comes to Gardening......

We goof off an awful lot when we Garden. There is a purpose for that and I will explain.

I knew if one plant died, she would get frustrated and quit. I had to overcome this somehow.

It was simple. Make a joke out of it. Let her know that, "We can plant something else". She has still made my eye twitch a few times.

One day she thought she did a great job of pulling up weeds and literally pulled out all of my Collard greens. I was fuming. I was pissed but said, "Lets put in something else". I let her know we could still veggies and it was O.K.

Today she broke a Mater plant. I said, "Boo hoo, now we only have 100 plus plants". She knows now that things can be fixed.

She knows now that things can be replaced, she can try again, and no harm done.

If she screws up she knows it's ok. If it's out of her control, it's ok.

Gardening isn't a place to lay blame but learn from year to year.

She forgets this when she kills a strawberry plant, but she tries.

When she does great and we get fruits, it's a time of celebration. Trust me, she celebrates.

And screwing off in the Garden? It can be boring work and we all need entertainment now and then. This is why we get in our pool, grill, etc. She's enjoying her little life and can share with everyone what SHE HAS DONE.

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