So. After searching through 100's of plugins and them all wanting to fork out money, I found a comment system. I am using Kunena forums. You do NOT have to sign up to post replies to articles, but they are moderated. To post in the regular forums, you have to sign up.

So I found up Turley water screwed up my water bill last month. I don't owe $208.06. Chris dropped by, checked the meter for this month, and noticed he screwed up. Apparently a couple numbers were inbetween to get an actual reading. He apologised profusely. Deb called, who is Manger of Turley water. She called and apologised profusely.

I explained that with over 2,000 meters to read, mistakes will happen. Not mention it's hard to keep up with the Water thieves running hoses, cutting locks, going under the street, etc. etc. etc. Besides that's $50 more bucks in my pocket to get more plants this month.

Out besides that, Shari and I did absolutely nothing today except sit out on the front porch and kinda, sorta, prepared the front bed for her flowers.

Tomorrow expect gardening news.

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