Yes, I killed it. Glfusion is a great cms but to personalize it is a huge pain in the butt.  They cut the CSS, HTML, PHP and other files into small chunks, then scatter it throughout the site. Nothing like spending an hour finding out your editing the wrong file.


And surprisingly, there aren't a lot of Calendar options in CMS's out there. I suppose I could download and install an app and integrate it but the apps are almost a year old.

So I went to Joomla. Joomla is a fat, bloated CMS that has more crap in it than you know what to do with. Many of there "free" plugins aren't free and the options you want are disabled unless you want to buy the overpriced "Pro Version". But I found a few free good ones that basically do what I want.

And since I just mostly screw around, my last site was worthless, except for the Calendar. So I saved it. Its a bit easier to use than Glfusion when you get use to the clunky interface. So make sure yo check that all out!

I will be doing a Directory of Importan places soon and a few Blogs. Until then......

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