16.18 Beat

I'm not sure how to take this as my wife's and my life was threatened tonight but this all came to a head with the neighbors tent missing and I was accused of stealing it.

 I was accused of stealing said tent. Yes, a guy that is disabled and uses a cane/Walker/Wheelchair depending on how my legs are doing that day,

Truth be told, everyone knows what happened to said Tent. You don't leash a big dog to a tent then leave him alone. They will yank that tent up and run down the street with it in tow. I actually got a call from a friend asking if it was my tent or if I knew who's it was. Apparently the dog had to take a big steamer, stopped, and when he went to run again, the tent got wrapped on a pole and broke free. His neighbor and I warned him to ditch the tent as surely the neighbors would accuse him of theft.

Tonight this escalated to threats of bodily harm and intimidation. I called the Landlord who told me to call the police. They actually took a report and I found out the deal.

The first thing the Deputy asked is why I didn't call before. Simple. Im not calling every time someone is an idiot. Maybe they had a bad day. Maybe their dog is an escape artist.

Most of the time it's "He said, she said". They need a cumulative report to effect a good fine and or arrest. I won the argument tonight because, "You have been here forever and we have never had a problem". So I won by default. Shit, I have been in Turley over 10 years? Damn.

The call was taken seriously as I told him what has been going on for a month and a half. I also corrected all of there "Half Truths".

Example #1: "My Dog attacked them". I explained that my dog did try to tear that ass up. But if the neighbors and their dogs that are in heat and roaming freely, weren't screwing around behind my shed and pissing him off, they wouldn't have an issue. Numerous people from Turley has noticed how friendly he is, everyone has petted this "Vicious Dog".

Example #2:  "He tried to taze my dog(s)". I showed him my Taser, it is a STUN GUN. That means for me to use it the dog has to be damn near on top of me!

Still, if I called about all the threats, trespassing, intimidation etc, was reported, something would have been done tonight. My bad.


Now, I got lucky with an unlucky incident. There was a small gray area that I would have been covered on IF I FILED A DAMN REPORT EARLIER.  My protection and my wifes. I am humiliated that I had to pull the cripple card, but I took off my shoes, socks and pulled up my pant leg and said, "Take me to jail now as I only have one chance at this". He asked what my other illnesses where and I went down the line. Now I was taken really seriously.

Side Note: As I was talking to the landlord he heard the threats and loud music. Me 2, Neighbors 0

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs.
OK, they have to see the dog running loose before they do anything. But there is a catch to this if YOU FILE A DAMN REPORT. If they get enough reports to help prove your case, they can do something. Or if you get bit. So 10 to 20 reports or so from various people, they can make a case. MAKE THE REPORT.

This happened a lot differently than a few years ago when the neighbors dog charged my wife. I was told there was nothing I could do and if I did something I would be arrested. And guess what? A report was NEVER FILED on that. Tonight a report was filed and I will get an order of protection against said attackers.

I am sure the threats and dogs will continue tomorrow.

And the TCSO Lady Cop we were worried about? She's still on the Job!

Still, We sit home and wonder when and if they will make do on there threats. They already came up the porch tonight and made threats. Shari is scared to go outside in her own home. This is Bull Shit.

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