13197 south park sexual harassI think Turley needs a Mascot, Coat of arms or an insignia. Somethng that sets us apart. Sperry has a Mascot and we are bigger.

 Shoot, and with all the dogs being neutered, we could have our own signature food dish, like Turley Mountain oysters.

We could make change purses out of dog sacks, then it wouldn't be a complete waste.

 But I think the mascot idea would be great. Something that Turley is proud of and not the thievery, drugs, strays, trash, homeless, Etc.

We had a great Civil War battle here at Horseshoe Bend off of Bird Creek. So we could have something like the bird Creek beavers, Badger Bend, or something similar.

We also rescued many blacks during the Tulsa race riots and we should be proud of this. But with my off-color humor I won't go into mascot names on this one.

 Turley was also founded before Tulsa. Also, unlike Tulsa, our town hasn't been almost burnt To The Ground Three Times.

 Surely someone who is creative, but not me because I have a really sick sense of humor, can come up with something that Turley can look up to.

 So what do you all think? Should we have a mascot or insignia for Turley that sets us apart from everyone else? Is there one and did I miss it?

 Turley can become a better place but it's going to take baby steps. And every little step counts. So shoot me those ideas and let's see what we can do.


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