I wish there was an easy Solution. The ?Tulsa? Alliance for animals have been a great help with our local animals getting them Spayed, Neutered and shots. This is great but.....

 It doesn't protect us from the Stray dogs.

We do not know the Temperment of stray dogs. Maybe that cutsie stray just got pushed to the edge and is starving enough to drop a challenge. We do not know there health history or why they were dropped off.

We don't know if they have an illness that will affect our other pets.

People have caught a few and have tried to find them homes. They have tried taking them to a shelter but the shelters are full.

Ive done my part but I am full up. 

People are letting there dogs just run loose so you can't tell the difference between a pet and a stray.

And the past few weeks I have noticed more dogs being dumped.

I also see them starting to run in packs. This, right here, is the tipping point. When dogs run in packs it is never a good thing. They are more than likely to challenge and attack for multiple reasons. This is not good as I see children in the streets,

I bet this year won't be a good year for Turley. People are going to get mauled by these animals. We have no shelters, no one to help us. People are "Working on it" but by then it's going to be to late.

Secure your pets and children. Be wary of strays.

We have to find solutions fast.

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