Triggered Taters

Here we go. I did this post last year and people got triggered. This is how I do it, if you have a better way then please share it. Otherwise keep your Millennial nonsense to yourself. Truth be told, potatoes are very easy to grow. Done right, you can get good sized potatoes to store and eat. Even done poorly isn't a problem as people love the small potatoes to.

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BHUT JOLOKIA, Ghost Pepper or Naga

No, I do not eat these due to stomach issues but a couple of friends want them. The Bhut Jolokia is the Hottest commercially grown pepper out there, but not the hottest pepper there is. Still, it gives many peppers a run for there money. I have dropped many a friend to there knees with these delicious beauties. If you love eating Jalapenos or Habaneros, WATCH OUT.

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