Fried ChickenMany years ago Shari and I were living on Quaker Ave. we were low on money and didnt have much to eat. I found $5 and Shari decided she wanted my fried chicken. Since we really hadn't eaten a good meal in a few days, I was more than happy to oblige. we went to the store and bought some chicken legs and thighs.

I floured the chicken up Added salt and pepper and fried it up. Shari as usual was attentive and impatient. 

 I pulled the chicken off the stove to set on the kitchen counter, but Shari was right behind me watching. my elbow hit her in the chest and the hot grease kept coming all over my arm. She didn't mean to but she gave me 3rd degree burns.

 I had a few dollars left and decided to go to the store and get burn ointment. halfway to the store Shari looked at me and said, “People call me retarded but I never burnt myself cooking”.I wanted to kill her. it was her fault that I got burned and her fault that I had to go to the store.

I was so hot I almost gave myself 3rd degree burns on my forehead. as I calmed down, I remember I have known her for years, and a lot of times she will say something messed up but really not mean the way that it came out. 

 I forgave her and when we got home we have some delicious Fried Chicken.

 ever since that day though, when she asked for my fried chicken, a fight breaks out and we wind up having soup.

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