7 Taters came up that means 8 didn't yet. That's cool as I always have "Backup Taters". These are saved if I have issues or enough room to plant more later on.

 So I will have 7 more mounds a month or so late. When the old ones produce, I can pull them up and plant taters in those mounds. This will Guarantee me taters until fall with a bunch stored for winter.

People pick on us for having to many plants of Various things. Some plants just don't make it, some seeds refuse to come up. Being a small Gardener it's easier to plant something else when plants or seeds didn't work. This also means that Shari forages for food longer as our plants are a jumbled mess.

So we cycle through stuff all summer, spring and fall. This way we have enough for us and some to go around. "When people are eating, they aren't bitching".

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