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Before I get into this story. I had one friend this year manipulate my Tiller to their yard. The next one busted it.

  I cannot afford this. It's utter bullshit that I have to keep coming up with money because friends borrow my stuff and then break it.

 My health is declining. You see the happy and jovial attitude everyday. You don't see the crap I have hidden behind the scenes. I am only fooling myself.

 Now the story.

 Before I got sick we planted cucamelon seeds out front. We never tried them before and decided to give them a go.

 The Vines did great and we're over 10 ft tall. We had hundreds of these little cukes almost everyday

They were crisp and tasted of lime. Shari and I would grab a handful and eat them up and down the steps.

 Some of our friends tasted them and they would come over to steal a couple handfuls on their way through. But we had thousands of these little of guys so we didn't care.

 One day during a high wind, we heard screaming out front. We ran outside to see what was wrong. Jesse was trying to get to work but the wind was blowing the little cucamelons off the vine and slamming into him. Even when they hit the windshield they would not break.

We tried not to laugh. He went inside until the wind calmed down so he could get to his truck and went to work. We looked at our Vines and they still had thousands of cucamelons on them, but thousands of them blew over to his house.

 He came home that day and showed me the damage these little things did. He had purple welts all over his body and he was in pain.

He told me that if he got pelted with those things again he was going to cut down my Vine and kill Everything Green on my yard.

 After that day we did our best to keep that vine picked clean. I told my friends to come into the house and I would give them Bunches of them, just to keep them off the vine.

 The next year we were planting on the front porch and Jesse ripped the seed package out of Shari hands.

 They were morning glory seeds. He was cool with that as long as we weren't planting those cucamelons!







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