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When I first moved to Turley I started going to Anchor Baptist Church. I did not realize how evil and crooked that church was, and from what I hear, still is.

 The second day that we had moved out here the preacher came by and immediately showed us Malachi 3: 8 -10.

 I kind of ignored this because I believe in tithing.

 We got our garden going that first year and it was pretty good. We had an over abundance of fruits and vegetables so we gave them to our neighbors on the street.

 Our pastor caught on to this and came up with a deal. Why don't I set up a veggie stand and give some of the proceeds to the church.

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 I was more than willing to do this until he finished opening his mouth. See, I didn't have a tent, I didn't have a stand, I didn't have containers to put the fruits and vegetables in, Etc.

I said if he wanted me to do this that I would need some front money and I would surely pay the church back. He wanted none of that.  Though I didn't have any money, he wanted me to buy everything out of my own pocket. And I mean everything. Seeds fertilizer, doing all the work, doing all the work at the vegetable stand, buying everything I needed to set this up, Etc.

 And on top of that he told me that I would have to give him 50% of what I made off the top. I couldn't take any of that money to use it to buy stuff for the garden and have a nice stand. No! 50% off the top plus the $400 I was typing a month.

 I said some things that day that I should never tell a preacher. I did inform him from that day on that I would let the fruits and vegetables rot on the vine before I ever take a penny for them.

 And you all know how obstinate and stubborn I can be. That was over 8 years ago and to this day I still refuse to sell fruits and vegetables. If someone wants them I will gladly give them some if we have extra, and we usually do because we over plant.

 Even this way I have been paid back. I've gotten free tomato cages, fencing, manure, mulch, Etc.

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 And I doubt you will prove me wrong, but I believe God wants me to feed his children, not extort them for money.

Sherry feels the same way. Besides, we have a lot of Elders in this neighborhood, and let me tell you something between you and me. Nothing makes them happier than a couple of gardeners all dirty and smelling of manure dropping free vegetables off to their house.

So if any church members want fruits and vegetables they can let me know and I will save some out for them. For the rest of you I do go to TAGs and I can drop a box off every weekend of the extra stuff we have.

 But please don't offer to pay for them, that's a sore spot for me.



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