Have everything in except a few watermelon, sunflowers and cotton plants in. 

 It was a nice day so we decided to go into town first. We went to Uptown Grille, cullisons, and green country feed.

 I stopped at a few more businesses and got their schedule so I can put up on our business directory.

We we did about a quarter of the Garden. Shari won't go near the plants if she's afraid she will mow them over. So I did around the plants.

 This year I am using a special fertilizer that I made. I am doing a continuous feed method. If it works out I will gladly share it.

We did pick a few bags of lettuce for our friends in town. We will plant something there in the day or two. We have heat resistant spinach that may go in there.

 Shari's strawberries are doing well. She counts them everyday and I pray for the poor bugs that will touch them.

 Most of our tomato plants are doing great. We only have three or four that are questionable. But we got tomato plants from a few different sources this year.

We also cleaned up some more of the backyard.

Shari laid in bed and wanted to watch a horror movie. Every time someone died she would look at me and ask, "could you survive that


 After the 5th time I shut the movie off and told her to go to bed.

 Tomorrow I will finish doing her watermelon, plant to sunflower seeds, and that will be it on till the fall crops.



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