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When I was a little guy I went to a few Churches. One church we had a Pastor that was kind of like Mr. Rodgers. But he never thought things through.

 After Church on Sundays we all would gather in the basement for a meal. Now the Basement was in a small church and the ceiling wasn't high.

He wanted us to have fun while the Ladies cooked our after Church meal. So what did he do? He put a trampoline in the basement as it was to cold outdoors.

It didn't take long before us kids all piled on and started jumping.

The parents then realized in shock and horror what was about to happen, but it was to late.

Someone banged his head on the ceiling. This caused him to go off balance and knock a couple kids off. One kid fell off, slammed into a cabinet and then the floor. The disaster was set in motion. Soon we were all cracking our heads on the ceiling or ricocheting off and into furniture around us.

The parents tried to usher us off but we didn't. the less kids, the more the bounce. The last couple of kids managed to get yanked off. A couple kids heads where caught in the springs.

All in all, there was only one broken arm and a collar bone. Everyone else was bruised and a little bloody. I bet one boy never had children after that.

The Pastor felt horrible and was told never to try to make the kids happy without everyone's permission ever again.

I remember there was extra fried chicken that day as some of use weren't that hungry.