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The bible? 5 (1)

I decided to do this right up as many people claim to know me and what I believe. I have…

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Hated memory, a lesson learned. 0 (0)

When I was growing up after school I used to cause a lot of problems. I never really got in…

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The paranormal 0 (0)

I am using the speech to text on my tablet so bear with me. I have always been interested in…

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Guy’s, I’m Agnostic. 5 (1)

I’m doing up a couple of small posts but I want to get this one out of the way. See,…

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I awoke, in my Dream 0 (0)

Went to WC food pantry, Cullisons and Green Country today. Asual, when I got home, I was exhausted and needed…

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Dear Don 4.8 (6)

Im going to answer this anyways. You think Shari and I loved each other at first? Hell no! It was…

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Marijuana, The Great Lie. 2.8 (4)

Im going to say this again as people just love to assume that I am Anti Marijuana, I’m not. Y’all…