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After this last fiasco I was hesitant on asking Sean for help. I need someone that does as they promise, actually shows up, does all the work and gets it done when I want it done, not when they damn well feel like it.
After a couple of minor scheduling conflicts, he showed up. I got out the mower and had forgotten to get gas but he was on the clock. I got on my scooter, got gas and came back. While I was gone he MANUALLY weed whacked the high grass. I was like "WTF"? But I wasn't going to bitch.

Now he had to till the lawn. He was going to do the whole thing but I explained that I couldn't keep up with and just wanted half done.

I breakĀ out the Tiller and it won't start. He yanked it a few times and said, "I know what it is". He then pulled the thing a ma bob off the do whacky and showed me it was gummed up. He fixed it and got back to work.

He got halfway through and noticed one of the tines wasn't turning. Then I remembered, I had loaned it to a friend for free who somehow lost the pin and left me the responsibility to fix it.

Sean found a way to cob job it to finish the work. (I bought 4 extra pins if you read this Sean).

He then piled all the brush into a pile.

This only took him 4 hours. If I was properly prepared, he could have done in it two hours. I gladly and willingly gave him a bonus as he is way more worth the $10 asking price.

If he is going to do a job he is going to get it done the first time and right so he doesn't have to come back. His improvisation skills are top notch, I'm going to hire him next month.

Editors Note: Have a couple of Mountain Dews on hand, thats his preference.

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