Fur Babies, LOL!

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I made a comment about shooting a dog the other day and got some really messed up responses. So I will explain my side.
First of all, I see many dogs on our street without collars. Most just glance my way and go about there business. Some don't. So after one fiasco with a dog messing with my dog, I posted his picture to warn people that if it is there dog, they better get it because it would be shot.
Trust me, if the dog didnt back off, you would have never known as I would have killed it on the spot. Why you ask?
It had NO COLLAR and I do not know if it has had it's SHOTS. This means if it was diseased it could spread to my dogs costing me money or my dogs deaths.


Then, Later that day, our new neighbors that JUST FREAKING MOVED IN, had there 3 Pitbulls charge me. Again, No collars. But they ran back to there house after I almost clipped one with a bat. 3 pits against my Dog and pup would be no match.

And coming after me? I would get the crap tore out of me. My medical on infections last year was over $27,000. If your dog tore my ass up, would you pay my medical? HELL NO! But you think your damn "Fur Baby" can do what it wants? Now I know why you dont put collars on your dogs. Its because you don't know how to train them and don't want to be arrested or sued.

Now Turley is famous for it's stray dogs. We have no clue who dropped them off, there temperament, if they have any diseases or there shots. Why on earth would you let your dog ram the streets? ThatĀ first pit was loose for about days. ThatĀ is enough time to get into a fight or an illness.

So lets everyone take care of YOUR OWN DAMN DOGS. I was in the hospital 5 times in the last 6 months, I am not going in on something that I can prevent. And if one of your dogs attacks my wife, your going to have more problems than just a dead dog. Don't come at me because your irresponsible.

And a heads up. I know almost every dog around my block. I will call those people as I will recognize there dogs. If I don't, then its on you for not taking care of your animals.

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