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Got this 4-Fold Solar Dual-USB Charger in the mail today from Stealth Angel. I'm liking this for a few reasons.

I have a few chargers but when I am out and about, if they die, so doesn't my phone battery. You supposedly can charge 2 phones at the same time so I decided to give it a go.

The Charger wasn't really charged but I plugged both phones in. The day was cloudy and overcast and it charged our phones to 100% in about an hour. Both phones were at about 50%. The battery in the charger was about half full when done so there is enough Solar power to charge the 2 phones and the backup battery.

In the house with the ceiling light on, the Charger was charging, though slowly. 

How well does it work? Shari told me it was hers and to buy another one.

It also comes with about 9 semi bright LED lights on the back. Its a cool featuer but I think that part is worthless. You can even make the lights blink at certain intervals.

Stealth 4 panel USB Charger.

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