And Done! My brain is complete mush. Not only did I have to relearn PHP, CSS and some HTML, I think now I can write my own Content Management system. Shoot, I can't spell and I was finding mistakes in PHP code!

I got the Open Graph/Meta tags working, after I did an almost whole rewrite on the plugin. Turned off about 10 megs of modules and plugins that I will never use and delete them from the Template trying to load them anyways.

Captcha/ReCaptcha was showing up only when it felt like, fixed that.

Got a decent comment section going. It now doesn't show up all over the place and guests can make comments.

Calendar is up and running. This was no easy task as I had to muddle through about 9 of them to get one that would do what I wanted it to do, and not cost and arm and a leg.

I can organize pictures in the backend which makes them easier to find and use.

I dont think I will mess with it anymore and just do posts.

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