Mike and Shari

Back about Jan 5th I was going into town when I accidentally swerved in front of a car. I managed to get into Frailey’s parking lot and told Shari that I didn’t feel good.

The next thing I remember was waking up in the hospital 3 days later. I was on some breathing machine, had a pick line and a catheter, and a ton of wires on me. I found out I had Covid,the flu and about 8 mini strokes. I knew I was married but couldn’t remember my wifes name or what she looked like. It was 48 hours later I remembered my wifes name and kind of what she looked like.

The next 3 weeks was a literal hell. I was hallucinating and sometimes I couldn’t tell fantasy from reality. In this time, I do remember I posted to Facebook and was immediately banned for 60+ days.

I was then moved to Pams Hospital I remember sitting up in bed which triggered the bed alarm. This sweet Philipino nurse came in and said, “If you get out of bed. I’m going to hit you in the head with a rocl. You don’t believe me? I will go outside and get a rock right now”! I don’t think she would have done it, But I was in no condition to tempt fate.

They then wanted to put me in an assisted living home. I told them “No” so they called my wife to get her approval. How do I know this? 3 Nurses came into the room and said, “We accidentally upset your wife, can you call her? LOL LOL! Shari was only slightly upset about that.

I was home for about 5 days when I got deathly ill again. I went to my Dr’s who immediately sent me back to the hospital. Some of the meds they gave me shutdown my kidneys and liver, not to mention my sugar was at an all time high. This kept me in the hospital most of February.

So I am home with memory issues. We have went into town a couple of times, which I am scared to do,due to the almost accident in Jan. And somedays, I refuse to get out of bed. As far as facebook, I got 3 more days. I will see you soon!

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