The Tomato Thief

When I lived downtown we didnt have a lot of room so I planted about 20 Better Boy plants along the fence.
We had a little old lady that would walk down our street as she knew if anybody messed with her, everyone would come out and end the situation and she could go on her way. She was a joy to watch.
One day she came to my door. and said, “Can I have a couple tomatoes? I like to eat one on the way home and have a tomato sandwich for a snack”.
I told her all she had to do was go to my fence line and have all she wants. We really weren’t out there picking them. She said she couldn’t reach any so I went out to look, those bushes should have tons of tomatoes on them.
I went out and looked and found out what happened. When she walked by my house everyday, she would pick a few and head on home. She had cleared out the front of the fence and the fence was blocking her from snagging the rest!
I showed her were my gate was and said I would leave it unlocked. After that I would see this little black hat float past my window and some of my tomatoes would be gone.
Author: Mike

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