Snake bean (With Story)

OK after 3 years I emailed Baker Creek on how to grow these things. I’ve tried everything to get them going and couldn’t do it. I got only 2 snake beans one year. Here’s what BC said
They can be tricky to germinate. Real heat seems to be the key–90 degrees isn’t overdoing it. That’s pretty warm, and you may find it easier to provide such heat in some indoor arrangement. That, along with cracking and soaking, should get them going. If you haven’t space for actually growing seedlings indoors, you could just get them to germinate indoors (root emergence just visible) and then plant the seeds outside. They still grow best in really hot weather, though.
And the story.
After 1/2 months in the Hospital with my wife by my side (Not home taking care of anything), I was able to come home. I spent most of that day sleeping and enjoying being home. Shari just sat at the end of the bed with her hands in her lap, waiting incase I needed something, anything. I got up after dark and decided to check the garden. An argument broke out as I was still extremely weak and she was worried I’d get hurt. I told her I was going and was the man of the house. Her face lost expression and she said, “OK”.
I walked down the side of the garden and came to the trellis. I shined my light down a trellis and saw tons of beans and cucumbers. I came to the next trellis and hanging down dead center, was a 5 foot snake, just hanging there! It was a snake! I stepped back in horror. I fell back into the fence and flipped over it, the BBQ grill breaking my fall. I came around when I heard the sirens. At the E.R. they asked what happened. I told them I fell.
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