News 11/30/21

First of all, I decided to kick up my website so I have something to do during the winter months.

I decided to try to get rid of WordPress as I use that had many plugins. It would update and blow half of my plugins out of the water and I would have to wait a week or two for them to update again or find out that the plugin won’t be updated.

And of course, I would have to go back and edit old posts to look right again. I spent more time fixing the backend then posting in the front.

Guess what? CMS’S and blogs are going out of style and closing. Schlix, B2evolution, xoops. etc. So I am stuck with WordPress.

Well, I uploaded about 5 plugins

Author: Mike

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  1. Always enjoyed your blog. Looking forward to reading it again. One of the best names/titles out there!

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