Scared at non haunted graveyard

This happened back in Cuyler New York on  Cuyler Hill. There was a lot of hiking trails and a lean-to in the Rose valley area.

Since this was 20 miles from my house, taco and I would go camp up there in the weekends. Taco wasnt a Mexican, he was Vietnamese but I called him taco because he looked like a Mexican and it ticked him off.

Up on the hill there were many old and defunct cemeteries dating back from the 17 to 1800s. One night we were bored at the lean-to and decided to go check out the headstones to see if we can make out any names. We did this by shining the light sideways on the headstone and the names would kind of come up in Shadow.

The one cemetery was so old we could never find the original name for it. It had a rock wall around it and a hundred or so people in there.

This was the cemetery where a year or two before I stepped on the ground and my leg wouldn’t knee deep into the dirt over a coffin . At 15 years old I was still able to piss all over myself.

So we parked on the dirt road and go into the cemetery. It was around 1:00 a.m. in the morning and the cemetery looked real creepy as it was unkempt. some of the stones were uplifted because they had trees growing next to it, others had Moss or vines on them.

We started checking out the stones when all of a sudden in the background, we saw a black shadow move between the stones. it was too far away and our lights weren’t bright enough to make it out. we naturally assumed it was a ghost but decided to go check it out.

My mouth went dry so I took a swig of water and rubbed the hairs back on my neck. I knew it was something scary as taco started talking in Vietnamese. He only spoke Vietnamese when he was scared or mad, or if the cops had pulled him over for something.

We slowly creeped to the back of the cemetery when we saw the black shadow take off again to another spot. We couldn’t believe we saw a second time as we figured it would vanish when it got to the last place. As we crept forward we heard some twiga snap. This really scared us as now we knew that this ghostly Shadow had substance to it. Was it stalking us? Did it mean to do us harm? Was it leading us into a trap?

When we got within 20 ft our flashlights were bright enough to where if we found it we could see what it was. It peaked around the tree and it was a baby black bear! The little thing was lost and scared.

Taco and I took a deep breath and a sigh of relief. I tried to coax the little guy closer to me by offering him my Snickers bar. He came within about 10 ft of me and then just paced back and forth. I tossed him to snack which he sniffed for a few minutes and then ate it. He then came close enough to where I could reach out and I scratched behind his ear twice. Gila out of God forsaking Howl and taco and I stepped back.

We knew that if the little guy decided to fight he could put up a good one, and being in 20 mi from the nearest hospital we decided not to take the chance.

Then taco said something that chilled me to the Bone to this very day. I literally start shaking and sweating every time I think about it.

“Where’s its mother?”, he said. It was at this moment that we realized we had more to worry about than a shadow ghost.

We did not bother looking around to see if mama bear was nearby, we took off for the car. I got in and took off down the road. But poor taco, poor baby Taco. He wasn’t quick enough to get into the car so he jumped on the trunk and held on tight. I’m pretty sure after seeing a ghost, a small bear, wondering where the big Bear was, and then riding on the back of a car, his life was supposed to end that night.

We got back to camp and piled wood onto the campfire. I’m pretty sure that you could see that mushroom cloud from miles around.

We stayed awake at the campfire all night. We knew that trying to take dog hollow road in the dark was extremely dangerous. Even during the day, with the sun out, you couldn’t see far down the dirt road as there were a lot of turns and trees growing overhead.

We did go back to that cemetery

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