13 curves

If I had pick the most eerie experience I’ve ever had, it would have to be 13 curves otherwise known as cedarville road in Onondaga county.

This world was cool as I worked in Syracuse and lived in Cortland. I could travel this road at night going home or going to work when I had time instead of taking the highway. It was only 5 miles out of my way.

The story of The haunting is similar to Resurrection Mary except it involved a newlywed couple careening off the road and into Onondaga Creek. The ghostly bride can be seen on the side of the road but never the husband. People claim that every now and then she would just appear in your car.

I always traveled the road to try to see the ghost and never did. I’m not saying the ghost doesn’t exist as the place is really eerie. And if the accident did happen I found a spot that it would have happened within a quarter of a mile. 13 curves in Onondaga Creek travel in parallel most of the way down the road.

It is quite interesting because going south on the road you have a mass of forest and on the left, you have houses standard about. The curves weren’t hair pinned but you definitely had to take this road slowly cuz as you were around a curb you wouldn’t be able to tell if a car was coming the other way until the last second.

The first few times I drove the road my mind was going wild and I kept believing that I saw the ghostly bride. Normally this would be house lights shining through the trees just before I took a curve.

After I got used to the road I got used to knowing where the lights were when I come up onto the curves. the one spot where I believed if the action that did happen was where you had two curves and if you are going to quickly you would run off the side and into the creek. I almost did this a couple times and other cars have and this one spot.

Being a heavily wooded area on the right did not help matters as you could get animals eyeshine that would freak you out. many times the deer would bolt out of the woods and almost cause an accident.

I talked to a few locals that live on those curves, and there are 13, and they said they have seen the apparition of the ghostly bride.

I saw a couple of pictures that people claim to be the ghost and in the picture she look like the headlight of one car. It definitely wasn’t a car but I never saw a picture clear enough to determine what it was. But this was before digital photography so the pictures were few and far in between.

I always got the creeps on one section of that road and I always sped up to get out of there hugging the curves so I wouldnt go into the other lane.

And on two occasions the air seem edto be electrically charged and freaked me out to no end. I had the strange feeling that something was wrong.

One night I got permission to hang out at the area where this accident supposedly happened. The owner gave me permission to stay there till 2:00 a.m. in the morning and I would have to leave, I could not camp out.

Maybe it was my imagination that night but I heard a car crash down the road. Taco and I got back in the car and we be lined out of there. We passed the area where we heard the car crash and there was nothing. Did I hear the crash of the ghost bride? Or was my mind playing tricks on me?

After that night I still traveled the road going home and I was on high alert. To this day I can’t say what I heard and felt was paranormal or not. But I will say this, if you take the road take it slow, and be careful as you might see her.

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