Lancaster Pennsylvania ghost

I still don’t believe if I saw what happened, happened, but I will share it anyways.

Pete and I used to travel all over the Northeast United States. Every week we would get three days off and we could get up to Maine or Virginia in 10 hours, so we traveled and hunted a lot.

One day we travel to Lancaster Pennsylvania as we knew a couple of girls down there. They weren’t really good looking girls but after a couple of drinks they were fun to hang around.

We were camping in harrisburg, about 20 miles away and telling stories. Sue brought up the cemetery story in Lancaster PA.

I can’t remember the whole story in shenanigans about it, but there is a cemetery in Lancaster and they had a statue of this woman. At night the statute supposedly disappeared in the woman would walk around the cemetery. I do remember going by that cemetery a couple of times during the day, and you can see the statue as it was near the road.

We decided to check it out as we could investigate it and not break any trespassing laws. So that morning after we ate we head back to Lancaster. they had a fair going on and a couple of really nice bars we could drink at. As we drove past the cemetery we saw the statue. There is nothing spectacular about the statue. It kind of looked like the Virgin Mary. For fun, I took a stick out of the car and suck it in the dirt next to the fence. this way we have the spot marked so when we came back at night we could look for the stick and find it. I did take a couple of pictures and I will post them if I can ever find them but this was about 30 years ago.

We went to the fair for a while and then the bar . We were talking about the statue when some people heard about it and told us a ton of other stories of ghosts in the area. When it was dark in about 11:00 p.m. we decided to check out the cemetery I was super glad that I put the stick in the dirt as it was raining really good and hard to see.

We found the stick but no statue. I wasn’t buying it as it was raining out so we decided to jump the fence.I ripped my pants and spilled my beer but I made it over. We took our flashlights and headed to the spot where the statue was. Blow and behold you saw the base but no statue!

We checked the ground and it wasn’t dragged or hauled off as the ground was moist and soft.

Now the rest of the story is that the ghost wanders the graveyard at night and she will chase you out of there.

We talk for about 30 seconds, debating to see if we could find her wandering the cemetery to chase us. But the alcohol and telling ghost stories all day already had our nerves on end and we took off out of there.

We stayed at a motel that night and we all slept in the same bed. Where did the statue go? Who could have moved it? Could the statue be coming at us when we were talking as it was so dark and raining?
The next morning we got back into our car and went and checked the cemetery. I saw my stick and about 20 ft from the stick was the statue . The cemetery wasn’t even opened yet and we didn’t see any vehicles.

We were going to check it out again but decided to go to greenridge State Forest and spend the night there.

My bucket list is to one day go back to that cemetery and check it out sober this time .

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Author: Mike

1 thought on “Lancaster Pennsylvania ghost

  1. That was a great story. The statue not being there and you all went in anyway makes you one brave man. I wish someone would go there and find her wandering around. How cool would that be? Thanks for the story Mike

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