The bible?

I decided to do this right up as many people claim to know me and what I believe. I have some issues with the Bible that I cannot get over. Maybe in time I will.

My main issue and will be the highlight of most of this post is it the Bible is it infallible word of God.

I will admit that the Bible appears pretty accurate though there is not a lot of archaeology that can prove it. This is because the Bible history isn’t still a worn-torn area of our world today. We can’t get into a lot of countries and do appropriate archaeological research. What we have been able to dig up shows that the Bible is pretty accurate, so I will not deny that.

One of my major issues, is a guy by the name of Stephonus, put verse numbers in the Bible to make it easier to find passages. I now see too many people using the verses to quote the Bible and take everything out of context. Is this what God wants?

I also see people quoting the verses showing where God has made us specific promises. However when you read the passages God is not talking to the whole world but specific people or tribes.

Many people can’t even actually describe why we don’t follow the Mosaic law. The Mosaic law was given specifically to the Jews and not the rest of the world. It was part of the covenant that God made them. Though Christians do have laws to follow, and some of them can be pointed back to Leviticus, doesn’t mean we have to follow the whole Jewish law as we are not Jews.

I understand the confusion when we don’t take into account the apocryphal books of the Bible. Some of them, like the book of Enoch should be included in with the Bible as it explains a lot of Genesis. But still, the old testament writers talk about books like, the book of war. This has been lost to history along with many other books.

The New testament was formed by the council of nicaea I believe. But they determine what books to use for a standardized Bible by collecting the scrolls at the time that had the books on it the churches were using. Where all the other fairy tales come from on how the Bible was put together I do not know.

Another thing that irks me is Christians cannot look outside the Bible to prove their faith. Even when that knowledge confirms the Bible and Christianity. I should tell you the story about the unicorn sometime. That isn’t in the Bible and science knows what the answer is, but Christians would rather remain ignorant.

And now watching YouTube videos and churches online that I like that use Facebook for their Bible studies and sermons. They will stop in the middle of a passage and pick one word out. they will give a long drawn-out story on why that word is wrong and what it should be. I’ve seen this happen many places in the Bible that changes the whole point of the passage. So not knowing what that one word actually is I have been reading the Bible all wrong. This makes belief extremely difficult.

And my biggest pet peeve is how Christians jump around the Bible and pick out select verses to prove their point. this is very dangerous as the verses seem to tie together until you read the whole passage.

I want to believe in the Bible and that there is a loving God. But the way it is interpreted makes it extremely difficult and why there is so many denominations.

I also wish Christians would agree on one Bible. It is hard to follow along when one person is using the King James version, another person is using the new living testament, another person is using the American standard version, another person is using the new international translation, etc.

I am going to have to understand these issues before I can have faith.


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