Sherry and I have some time to kill before we came home so we visited a couple places downtown.

Our first stop was at a store called treats. I got stuck in the doorway. The owner was humiliated but I assured him that I am used to this happening downtown. These are old businesses and really not set up for the disabled. It would cost way too much money fur shop owners to make them disabled accessible.

I explained to him that’s why my wife goes everywhere so if this issue happens she can go get the stuff.

We then decided in over to the center of the universe behind the BOK center and to the left of the jazz museum. By the way I am putting up some events on the calendar for the jazz museum.

Sherry and I decided to play at Cotu as it was during the day and not too many people go there at that time.

the best time to go there is about 2 a.m. in the morning were you have a whole crowd to scare the crap out of when stories.

But a young couple showed up with a small child.

They tried in the circle and didn’t have too much luck. So I explained to them that if they lower your voice an active, that you could feel the reverberation. Well they tried that and a child did not like it one bit.

They asked what caused it. I couldn’t let this conversation go to waste so I told them the story.

I said a mass murderer had occurred there many years ago. and scientists believe that when you talk in the circle that it’s actually the dad trying to talk back at us because the reverberation is coming back at the same frequency that they can use. I said if they work at a little bit they could hear the voices of the Dead. They will scream for help and justice.

They hightailed it out of there and I got my laugh for the day.

We went in to the jazz museum and the guy gave us a little tour. I suggest taking the tour because the guy knows a lot about history. Here’s where it gets interesting.

Apparently the Tulsa race riots was getting ready to boil over. Some guy had gotten lynched before the race riots. The blacks were actually expecting an attack from the whites. And they set up on three hills and one was a sniper nest.
The first Hill that the whites took out during the race riots watch where the jazz museum is.

This kind of creeped me out as my joke ghost story had a grain of truth to it, and I thought I was lying and making this stuff up.

I think I am going to stick to my story from now on that the circle at c o t u was just a hole, and theĀ  law pushed the prisoners condemned to death in the hole to be splattered from the oncoming trains.

Still we had a ton of fun and we are going to the black museum maybe next week.

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