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One of the things that I miss about NY is authentic foreign food. Within 8 miles, I could have Authentic Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Mexican, Puerto Rican, German, French, etc Food.
When I first moved down here I saw “Coney Island” and went to have a Hotdog. I was PISSED. They used welfare dogs and not real Coneys. But I have noticed this about Oklahoma, what they call “Authentic”, isn’t. And a lot of other states.
Now I’m not knocking Oklahoma, but possum poop isn’t a spice. For the most part it is very bland.
Now last year I was to sick and Tors Pub brought Shari and I a meal. It was great! By the time I got a mobility chair where I could get there, we had COVID and then they moved.
I forgot about them until the other night and was actually thinking about going against my Dr’s advice and heading up to NY for German food. Shari mentioned Tors so I looked them up and found them. They are on 33rd and North Peoria across from the Bricktown distillery.
We went in and met the Waitress. She is very friendly and bubbly. She gave us the Menu and got us our drink. Mrs Chef Tor recognized us and greeted us. Mr. Chef Tor waved from the back room.
we ordered the Bratwurst. Shari ordered hers without the Sauerkraut. This caused an IMMEDIATE response from Chef Tor. He came up with a sample of his Sauerkraut. I decided to video tape this as Mr. Chef Tor is very proud of his cooking and I was sure Shari would spit it out. This was going to be better than an action film.
To my surprise, Shari loved it and got it with her order.
We got our meals and ate. Mr Chef Tor came by again to make sure everything is perfection. Rarely do I see Chefs do this. We assured him it was more than fine.
It is real, home Brats. The ones at Warehouse Market is just pork grease wrapped in Saran Wrap. These had great flavor, the right texture and NON GREASY.
The waitress, in the meantime, came and asked if we wanted our drinks. If I was talking to Mr. and Mrs. Chef Tor, she snuck in and just filled it.
Now normally when your about 3/4 of the way through your meal, the Waitress comes over and gives you the bill so you know its time to get out.
Not here! After eating that delicious and awesome meal, I got the time to let the meal digest. She waited for us to look at her to let her we were done.
And the meal? It was not “Hot and Spicy”, it was well balanced and seasoned. It was also well presented, not just thrown on the plate. The staff is exceptional.
Now that I know were this is and I can make it on the Bus, you will see me there every chance I get

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