Hated memory, a lesson learned.

When I was growing up after school I used to cause a lot of problems. I never really got in trouble from my parents as they never caught me doing what I was doing. Still it got around town.
I also went to a southern Baptist, fire and brimstone Church. every now and then the pastor would call me into his office and we’ll talk to me. I pretended to be a good boy and promise never to do what I was doing again. this shut him up and got him to leave me alone until the next time.
One day the pasture called me into his office. He told me that he didn’t want to cause problems but I needed to change. I smiled, apologize, and told him that I would stop. We both knew that I was lying but he let me go.
One day at church I was making sexual advances toward his daughter. I wasn’t being perverted but the hint was there. The pastor came up and glared at me. He told me that the time had come and made me go sit in the back of the church away from his daughter.
It took 7 days and my time had come. That week I did some sinful pleasures that I shouldn’t have. He found out about it.
At church that Sunday, he greated everyone at the door. He gave me a firm handshake and smiled, then said he was happy to see me in church. I knew something was up but what could a preacher do?
I found out. He did a quickie sermon and then called me up front. I thought he was going to give me a position in the church, LOL LOL.
He ask me if I knew that sends would eventually come out in the light. I froze. He was up to something so I refuse to answer.
He then told me about the beer party I went to and the girl I had sex with. He did this in front of a whole congregation. I wanted to punch him in the weiner until he coughed up blood I was so humiliated. Fever everyone in church now that I was a member of the church but as soon as I walked out the door I didn’t practice his teachings.
He rattled off a long list of stuff that I was doing. And then he send them one by one and demanded that I explain my actions. I was too embarrassed and humiliated.
Finally, you had me turn and face the church, about 70 people. You let me know the everything I was doing wasn’t affecting just me, but the church and the whole congregation. He told me to apologize to the church and ask for their forgiveness. I was silent. He called me again to ask your church for forgiveness or I could get out and never come back again. I have friends and family in there.
I apologize to the church and cried like a baby. I couldn’t believe that the pastor. would do that to me.
He then went back to his sermon. He explained that when we sin someone always know. And there will come a time that everything that we have done, it’s going to be brought forward and we have to answer for that. I straightened up a lot after that day and still have a lot to learn.
I didn’t go to that church for about 3 months before I went back. I still had a lot of issues but I was paying attention to what I was doing. The pastor knew this and welcomed me back with open arms.
Many preachers do not do this, and neither does anybody else.
As a society we must start taking responsibility for our own actions. We must also call out other people on theirs.
He didn’t judge me but he let me know what I was doing was wrong. And when I got called out I corrected it.
If people are silent the other people think they are getting away with stuff and they keep doing it. And the more people do stuff that they know they’re not supposed to, they are going to keep doing it and are going to get worse.
With everything that is going on we need to start speaking up.
The nonsense in this world is getting worse and we need to say enough is enough.
I did not wish to relive this memory tonight and I still owe that pastor a weiner punch.

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