The paranormal

I am using the speech to text on my tablet so bear with me. I have always been interested in the paranormal and though I do not investigate anymore I love to hear the storys.
But this is how I look at the paranormal. Back when I was about 17 I believe I actually saw a ghost at the YMCA. I was completely unnerved by it. When I got home I told my dad can he half jokingly asked if I did drugs. I told him my story anyways, and he said, “I don’t know what to tell you if I wasn’t there”. Of course I got hit with a volley of questions, and he let me know he didn’t know what to think.
After that I investigated with games out of Syracuse University and Cornell University. We had professors that we could turn a reports in and they would give us opinions on the matter.
Some of them believe and some didn’t. They did however critique our work. And if we ever went back to the place that was supposed to be haunted, they told us what to look for or things to try. Almost everything had a mundane answer.
Some of them dinner, and with our knowledge are left unexplained.
When I went in to investigate, I did not go in to prove or debunk. I went in to try to experience what the issue was and go from there.
I never told anybody that I thought they were hallucinating or making stuff up unless I could prove it.
I also know that a lot of times supposed haunting don’t happen every night. I spent a whole week at one person’s house and nothing really happened. I would leave these as unknown. however, if I could find an exclamation, I would let that person decide if I was right or wrong.
I have never jumped into the religious aspect of hauntings of life after death as I don’t believe that is what a haunting is. And that is also taking a strong leap into pseudoscience. You can’t prove something with unproven have to prove that the haunting is real and what is causing it before you take that next step.
And paranormal investigators nowadays completely use pseudoscience and no scientific or factual method to determine what’s going on.
You can watch any real ghost hunting show on TV and see that they are full of bunk. Most things can be explained by simple observation not by getting a beep or a boop machines that you are using incorrectly.
Science has proven the EMF detectors are complete junk for use for ghost hunting over 50 years ago.
The spirit boxes are based on non scientific method and are made just for the ghost Hunter not for actual science.
Well I have heard a couple of EVP that made me wonder, most are just anomalous bits of information that fell under scrutiny. You can’t tell me that by talking into a microphone for 10 minutes, and you get a one second artifact audio recording, that it is a spirit from the other side communicating with you and they are intelligent beings.
I could go on and on but this is not a scientific paper and I am just too lazy to give out links and proof.
My biggest beef is cameras and video. You cannot use stock equipment that is not made for the dark, use it in a low light situation, and then offer up artifact as proof of the afterlife. ask a professional photographer why they have so many lights in the room. The better the light, the lesser the chance of getting artifact in your picture.
And don’t tell me there are no professional investigators as Joe Nichols is one.
I decided to write this up so you know where I am coming from.
With that I am going to start putting up my own paranormal stories and other peoples paranormal stories. No sense fighting in belief or disbelief, that’s something that maybe will scare you.

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