Raped by a Gay Ghost.

Yes, this is a true story, I think. I know I am late getting it out, I just cant type. I use to be a cook at the Marriott in Syracuse. I always had to have the Breakfast buffet setup at 5:00am in the morning and deal with Customers who hadn’t had there coffee yet. When that was done, I made lunches items, clean up and go home about 4:00pm.

The Apartment complex I lived in was Studio Apartments. It was 3 floors and single rooms. The back S.E. of the Apartments, 3 rooms on top of each other, hada a long, Sordid history. 2 Murders, 5 fires, 3 suicides and 2 accidental deaths. My story starts with the last murder on the top floor.

This Gay gentleman finally got his disability and back pay. The back pay was to the tune of $30,000. The first night, he held a party with some friends. He had, I guess, a nice little orgy that stunk up his apartment and hallway.

The Landlord informed that their would be no more Parties, loud music, fighting and naked wieners in the hallway, or he’d be out of there.

He was deathly quiet for about 2 weeks. I had walked by his room, went to the landlord and complained about the smell like other people did. The Landlord informed me that he hadn’t been down to pay his rent and asked me to collect it. This was easy, get his attention and make him go downstairs to pay rent. If he didn’t answer the door, to crack it open and make sure he didn’t sneak out without paying.

He didn’t answer so I popped the door open and looked inside.

I went back down to the Landlord to explain the situation and why I had vomited on my work clothes.

The gentleman was in there alright, and he wasn’t going to pay rent. He was on his stomach, half on the bed, with pants down to his knees, dead. But this wasn’t the real trauma of my life.

One of his buddies killed him, stole the cash, and was eventually caught.

It took a few months before the police released the room (I guess they were still looking for shit, LOL)!

We cleaned the room real good (I was night Maintenance, besides being a cook) and prepared to rent it out. But we had a problem. Another Gentleman died there a few months before from a heart problem.

Yeah, That was a nightmare. I lived below him. He would come home, stomp around the room and slam stuff. One day he was really annoying about it and I wasn’t going to let him get to me, so I ignored him. His wife came home and found him dead on the floor. It was really awkward when his wife came down and asked if I heard him pounding on the floor, “EVERY FREAKING NIGHT”.

Where was I? Oh yes. No one wanted to rent that room anymore. Seems the 2 months the police had that room on lockdown, people heard strange things coming from it. I even got called to the room a couple of times as tenants swore people were in there and I had to check it out.

One night I checked it and the lights were on. O.K. The Landlord or day shift could have been in there and accidentally left it on.

One day, the landlord asked me to move in at a greatly reduced price as he couldn’t rent it out. I told him I would but wanted a new mattress. I wasn’t going to sleep on no death bed.

OK, I am living there and things are fine. The room was just a crash pad. I worked 10 hours a day then went to a bar, had a few drinks and went home. I wasn’t really awake to experience anything. People said they still heard voices and someone walking around, but I heard nothing.

Then one day…………..

I got off of work early as I was really sick. It was around 2:30pm. I opened the door, locked it and went straight to bed. I fell on the bed, half on and half off and dozed off to sleep. I’m not sure how longed I slept but I woke up and things felt odd. I looked around the room and that’s when it happened. My butt started bouncing up and down on the bed like I was being humped. I couldn’t move, I was pinned, I couldn’t scream. Soon it just stopped. That was it. I guess the ghost got tired as he couldn’t penetrate me.

I went downstairs to the Landlord and said, “Im not going back”.

And slept in a nearby park until I found some place else to live. I left everything there except for my backpack that had clothes and camping supplies.

A few years ago that Apt complexe burnt down. A mystery fire in the S.e. corner. It is now a parking lot. From what I hear, in that spot, there has been about 5 accidents so far.

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