Turley Water – Chris

Today Shari and I went into town to renew my “Cripple Card”. I am now crippled for 4 more years. Since the Turley bus is still jacked up, we decided to find the “Central Park” downtown. This was a mistake as now Homeless all over the place. So we headed to the BOK Bank and had fun in there park. And we had fun!

When we were done, we hopped on the bus and came home to Turley. We did some shopping at Warehouse, then went to Cullisons to harass jennifer, then home.

After passing Fraileys, I saw Chris in his big shovel – hole digger thingy. I never consider these guys a threat as they are always careful and pay attention to the roads.

Chris saw us about a half a mile away and pulled into the passing lane, giving us a wide berth. A blue suburban like truck was behind him. As we got closer, the truck decided to whip around Chris and pass him. I had nowhere to go, I was toast. My lap was full of groceries so I was pinned to my mobility scooter. Even if I wasn’t loaded down, It takes me a minute to get up, Yep, I was boned.

Chris saw I was going to get hit and I couldn’t do anything about it. So what does he do? He swerved is dirt digger upper at the truck. My thought was, “This is going to be good”. That’s an old style digger and no truck is going to put a dent in it.

The truck saw this and damn near drove over the curb to get away and stopped. Chris was not done threatening this guy and the guy knew it. Chris was beeping his horn, flashing his lights, and giving him hand signals I didn’t think he knew.

Everything came to a complete stop. The guy in the truck slowly went forward, got in front of the digger, and took off like a bat out of hell.

Chris looked at me to make sure I was ok, gave his usual friendly wave, and went back to work.

If it wasn’t for Chris, I would have literally been pothole material. And the guy in the truck? I am sure he changed his pants and will give Turley water a wide berth from now on.

Thanks Chirs!

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