The Crematorium

People are DMing and responding to my posts to know more. So this is Part one, kind of sorta.

I use to live on Sandusky ave. One night Shari and I headed across Rosehill Cemetery to Family Dollar. As we got close to the SW corner, I froze. About 20 feet away from us was an apparition! It was grayish in color and I couldn’t make out any features. My mouth went dry and the hairs stood up on the back of my neck.

I then figured out what it was. It was a statue of some hispanic angel. I took a picture and it came out just as creepy. We continued to Family Dollar.

There was a guy we always chatted with so I showed him our picture. He so flipped out! He then told me that everyone at Family Dollar believed there basement was haunted. Instead of mocking him, I listened. I came up with some possible explanations but never discounted anything. I wasn’t there and didn’t see the stuff happening.

That’s when he told me about the Crematorium. And that’s when I called him out. He said it went the whole length of the mall and it still looked functional. I wanted to see it and he told me he couldn’t, until one night he closed alone and had to go into the basement. That’s when I got a call. If I hung out while he did his work, I could check it out.

I grabbed a flashlight and camera and headed over. Nothing spooky happened that night. We talked and joked, even though he was extremely nervous. He finally removed a book rack that was in storage and let me see the Crematorium door. I was impressed. It took us both to open the door.

Ive seen crematoriums but none like this. This was long. It was extremely dark inside and my light didn’t help matters. It looked like you would just push body after body through it.There was a grate in it that you could push bodies through. Since I never saw a body chute this long before, I decided to inch my way to see what I could see.

It was clean as far as this stuff goes. Mainly just ash and few bits of bone that may have popped off the body during burning. Yes people, pieces pop and explode during heating. It was claustrophobic and Dusty in there, so I backed out.

The next day I called around to the cemeteries and funeral homes, even The Tulsa Historical Society. No one knows why it is there or when it was built.

This is just one of many nuggets Tulsa Holds.

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Author: Mike

2 thoughts on “The Crematorium

  1. What was the door made of? Steel? I ask because sometimes companies stamp there name on them. You could look up the company and when they were in business and it would give you a timeline. Good story. Thank you

  2. I cant find the picture yet. It did have a what I would call a “Generic Name” on it. But it was the steel companies name I believe.

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