Sandusky and the Bodies.

11 or 12 years ago I lived on Sandusky ave, West of Rosehill Cemetery. Almost every night Shari and I would hear voices talking in the back of our house, on the inside! We had talked to the neighbors and they had mentioned that sometimes they could hear voices outback. And you could! On certain nights we heard people talking. We could never make out what they were saying, but there were voices.

Of course it didn’t help matters that the cemetery backed right up to the plot we were renting. I didn’t believe it was ghosts. But the problem was it wasn’t our neighbors as we had talked to them, this was different voices. I surely didn’t believe Ghosts were hanging out at there burial plot, sipping brews and chatting for all eternity.

Then that one night………..

Shari and I decided to go to Quick Trip late one night, on the other side of the cemetery. We took the long way around to QT. We passed a transformer station and near J&L tool when we heard two guys talking.

These guys talking sounded exactly like the people in the back of my house! I talked to them for a few minutes and he agreed on an experiment. They always took their break at 11:30 at night, so the next day I would call them and him and his buddy would start talking. To my amazement when they started talking by the side of the road, I can hear them in my house from a mile away! I couldn’t understand them but it was their voices.

The next night we decided to figure out how I can hear their voices from a mile away. We discussed that maybe the power line we’re doing it. but the power lines been cut across the cemetery to my house. That’s when he informed me that there was an underground water tunnel that went from his side of the street toward the back of my house. He wasn’t sure where it opened up but it had to be close by.

He’s been warned me that if I could get into the water tunnel that I should be careful as people’s bodies have a tendency to stick out of the pipe where it is worn away.

Well we found a tunnel outback of our house in a tree line. Now I have no clue why the tunnel split in two and one was filled off with bar so you can’t get into it. but you could take the smaller tunnel into the main tunnel and walk under the cemetery.

We decided to go into the tunnel and about 5ft and Shari saw a spider so I was on my own. I didn’t get to see any body parts but I could see where they had patched the tunnel up many a times where body parts caskets may of popped through.

I didn’t take the whole tunnel though as it was dark and very slippery. Even the sides were slimy.

I was going to snag a picture from Google maps showing the street and tunnel but apparently Rosehill has filled it all in. They may have not no though, just filled in the creek.

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Author: Mike

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