Guy’s, I’m Agnostic.

I’m doing up a couple of small posts but I want to get this one out of the way. See, I’m Agnostic. I go to Church because my wife is a Christian and it makes her happy. I have met many a fine people in Church that I adore them very much.

I could go into a long sob story on why I’m agnostic but I dont feel like sharing it with you. And honestly. I am tired of being called a Christian and “You don’t know it, but you are”.

But like the lady in Turley Oklahoma, they go after a picture and make broad sweeping assumptions. I go to Church FOR MY WIFE.

If you want to debate the Bible, fine, lets go. Why? I actually studied to be a Minister before I backed out. But you can know the Bible front to back, that doesn’t make you a Christian.

Even if I ever decide that Jesus actually died for my Sins and he is the way, the truth, and the light, I will STILL NEVER call myself Christian.

Here’s why. God is NOT responsible for my actions. The Church is NOT responsible for my actions. Christianity is NOT responsible for my actions. I am the only person who is.

And you? You are responsible for your own actions. No one else is to blame.

So yes, I am going to Church FOR MY WIFE. With all she does for me, I owe her that few hours a week. I can also still learn and enjoy going. I enjoy being able to help out the community when I can. If you don’t like it, tough.

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Author: Mike

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