Separating is a DISASTOR

So after our Freezer did a Blitzkrieg, We decided to head off to the store. Shari’s mobility chair wasn’t working. Well,, we talked about me going down alone and she could play on the computer and watch her Young and the Restless. It was just way to hot for her to walk.

After reluctantly agreeing, I got on my scooter and headed into town.

I made it to the store just fine, put my mask on and went in. The store smells like a disinfected truck stop bathroom. Way to much cleaner. Well, this exasperated my COPD. Guess what? during a COPD attack, facemasks should just as well be plastic bags. I ripped my mask off to breath and got a good dose of their cleanser. This made matters worse as now my lungs were burning. I bought my stuff and got out.

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Author: Mike

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