Cox Easy Cable setup, LOL!

So do to completely failing health, I got Cox Cable once again. I am staying more and more in bed. I also figure it would give my lovely wife a form of entertainment.

I first went to there website to check out there many, many offers. Who writes this crap? They actually have great deals without telling you what you get, so I called.

The lady was polite and helpful. I told her what I wanted, she did it. She then told me I would get the cable box in about “5 days”. I got it in 24 hours, cool.

I’m still in bed but my wife wants it hooked up now. Not, now, now, NOW. It normally takes me at least an hour to get my legs moving so I can stand and get dressed. But hey, Im hooking this to my TV so I’ll just crawl.

I open the box the cable come in and the first thing I saw was a 10 page legal disclaimer that the print was so small, I couldn’t read it. I had to sift through various other books of garbage before I found the instructions. Again, the print is so small, it took me 5 minutes to find out I was reading it in Spanish. I don’t know Spanish. Screw it. How hard is it to hook up a cable box?

I need a splitter to hook up my Wi-Fi and cable, I don’t have one. Screw it. I will hook the cable up to make sure its working and worry about the modem later.

Cable is setup. I turn it on and it tells me its loading for 5 minutes before it says it can’t connect. It tells me to restart the cable box. I do this 3 times and call tech support. They did this and that and told me to do this and that. Im 3 hours into this!

I call back and get some guy who speaks English as a 19th language. He tells me he speaks English and to qui pressing “1”. He finally says, “You need your Wi-Fi hooked up”? WHY? WHY?

So I hang up and go out to the cable box. I’m in a 4 room house and have 11 cables in or near the box. My wife is holding me up so I can figure this MAJOR MESS OUT. I figure it out, go inside and get near the back porch were I tip over. I told my Wife to get my walker.

She came out with the walker and opened her hand, “Is this a splitter”? I tried to knock her ass out with my walker but she’s just to damn quick.

I go inside, turn everything on and wait. No go. I check everything, no go. Finally, it boots and I have cable.

Now I have to go through a “Setup process”. I JUST WANT TO WATCH FU**ING TV WHAT THE HELL?

It tries to pair my Cox remote with the TV, doesn’t work. But I am online so check the Cox website. TONS and TONS of no help or bad information. I google it and find a tech site with the correct code.

I hook the splitter up and connect everything to one cable outlet.

I show Shari how to work the remote and sit down to watch a show.

I had to watch 5 minutes of commercials, FU**CKERS………………….


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Author: Mike

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