I awoke, in my Dream

Went to WC food pantry, Cullisons and Green Country today. Asual, when I got home, I was exhausted and needed a nap. So I went to sleep.

I had one of “Those sleeps”. See, years ago I took a Lucid Dreaming study to control my Night terrors. It worked really well. It enhanced my dreams though. They are more vivid and real. The downside is you can’t always control what happens.

So, in my dream, I had to poop. I had to climb into the back of a Semi to find the toilet, which I did. I had to go bad, but I did it. there was no bathroom in the truck. It was at this point that I realized I was dreaming and had best wake myself up.

I was taught in the Lucid Dreaming course to use a “Safe word”. If I had to wake up, I would use that word and bounce back into reality. I used it.

I awoke, in my Dream, I was still in the back of the truck having to poop. I had to move objects off the seats to find the toilet. This was not fun as soon as I moved the stuff, I had to climb over the seats, I knew I would poop if I did that. I remembered this was a dream. Luckily an object came crashing down on my head, knocking me unconscious.

I awoke, in my Dream,I had to poop really bad at this point when I noticed a river. I knew if I jumped in the river, the cold water would wake me up. I jumped in and drowned.

I awoke, in my Dream, Now I am soaking wet and in a cave in my dream. I am really getting ready to poop with no bathroom in site. I crawled out of the cave on my hand and knees, which made me want to poop even more.
I had to wake up, but couldn’t. If I didn’t soon, there’d be a mess.

I was back in the truck. I decided to Swan dive off of it to wake up. I did a Swan dive and fell. I felt myself falling, I felt a sharp pain and my neck broke. I went unconscious.

I awoke, in my Dream. I was at the bottom of the cliff, tangled in bushes. I had stomach pains and was “Crowning”. I’m still awake in my dream. Any second and I was going to poop in my sleep. I heard Shari calling out and looking for me.

I awoke, in reality. I’m laying on my stomach, having to go like you wouldn’t believe. I can’t get up on my stomach and hollered to Shari for help. She got me up and into the bathroom. I had to holler at her again to get my pants undone. FINALLY! I made it, and opened the flood waters.

When I was done, I got down on my knees and thanked Jesus for not letting me make a mess in the bed and getting to the bathroom.

I hollered for Shari to help me up.

As she was coming, I swore I heard my butt say, “She’s not gonna make it and I’m not done with you yet”

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Author: Mike

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