Dear Don

Im going to answer this anyways. You think Shari and I loved each other at first? Hell no! It was a relationship of convenience. Shari was in an assisted living home and couldn’t get an apartment without someone living with her.

I was in a Homeless shelter, months from a disability check.

She came to the Shelter one day and said, “I need someone to live with me. I can provide a roof over your head, free beer, food and Sex”. I’m not stupid, so moved in. I figured I would ride this meal ticket until I got my Disability Check.

My check came but I was enjoying this arrangement, and decided to try to make it work.

Around the house, we didn’t split up Man/Woman Chores. There was just somethings I couldn’t do, but she could, and vice versa. I need to point out I am physically disabled and Shari has learning disabilities.

The rest, we do together.

The other hurdle came in Washington. I came home from fishing and she was crying. She could not figure out why I had tons of friends to hang out with and she didn’t. I made a decision that day. I told her that from now on she could come with me. If my friends didn’t like it, tough.

Shari enjoyed following me around and doing my things. So when she wanted to do something, we did it.

The only places she wouldn’t go was up on White Pass (To freaking cold for her to fish) and Elton Pond, again to cold. So she would cook the fish when we got home.

The Biblical aspect of our relationship? I AM THE THE HEAD OF THE HOUSEHOLD. This doesn’t mean she has no say in anything, far, far, from it. We make our decisions together and I implement it. I do not make decisions without her input or say so.

This benefits her as she doesn’t have to deal with issues that she doesn’t want to. I’m the Master of the house, it’s my problem.

This is what makes relationships work, not sex. Yeah, that bar chick may be a great a lay, that’s because she has had tons of practice.

You need a woman with common goals that you can work towards. You both also need to place there needs before yourself.

Relationships are about serving each other, not serving yourself.

Lets face it, if you don’t take care of your car, it breaks down. Relationships are the same way.

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Author: Mike

3 thoughts on “Dear Don

  1. You forgot to add that you both grew to love one another and canโ€™t live without each other. Itโ€™s a beautiful life story, add the love. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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