Ring Video Doorbell.

Decided to wait until night before I said anything about this as it supposedly has night vision.
First, I’d like to say, it doesn’t. I can see better standing outside with sunglasses.
Its an easy setup and works on Phone, PC and Alexa.
Dont think thats easy  as all settings are on your phone.
May I point out that YOU NEED A SUBSCRIPTION to save videos. You have to look for it but after 30 days you can still use, but it bricks up and takes away features unless you cough up $3 a month.
It uses a USB charger so you either
A. Drill a hole in your wall or
B. Unscrew it and charge it for 4 to 6 hours every 3 days.
It is also add heavy. If you say, “It be nice if it did this”, you better be prepared to cough up a few bucks.



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