Marijuana, The Great Lie.

Im going to say this again as people just love to assume that I am Anti Marijuana, I’m not. Y’all just want to get high you lying Mother F***ers.

Before “Medical Marijuana” there where strains out, mainly in the area that they were grown in. Everyone was saying, “This needs to be medically assessed for it’s health benefits.” We didn’t know what it could do as it was illegal. I’m cool with it.

But many people continued to smoke it.

Then Came the fight for Medical Marijuana. I was completely all for it until the casual potheads got into the mix.  They got it pushed through. Yayyy! Amazing! And now comes the bullshit. We have 918 Buds down the street, the first of many Snake oil medical marijuana dispensaries.

Don’t get me wrong, they have a Great staff, very clean store and completely friendly, and hundreds of strains to choose from. Cotton Candy, Girlscout, Pineapple express, ak-47, sativa, Indica, etc. How we went from not knowing about it to knowing everything about it, in a matter of months, is Bullsh**!

And what an Amazing drug it is! Choose your strain for your specific illness! I wish they would find a vaccine for Covid that fast.

And guess what? I got my “Marijuana card” Wait, what? I wanted to see how hard it was to get it. WHAT A JOKE.

I told the Dr my ills and got the card. No background check, No health check, no exam to determine if I was telling the truth or not. HERE’S YOUR CARD! Are you freaking serious?

Having FM/CFS, advanced diabetes, Neuropathy, Apnea, PTSD, REMSBD, Night terrors, IBS, COPD, etc.

The Marijuana checkup was a complete and utter joke. It is a spit in the face to the medical establishment. Some of my testing (Like FM/CFS) can’t be diagnosed because you say yo have it. It can take a couple years as they have to make sure it isnt other illnesses.

Still, no one can tell me the proper to use.

No one looks at possible side effects.

What does everyone look to? CNN, MSNBC, Forbes and Facebook Memes.

So what am I saying? If you want to smoke it, smoke it, I don’t care. But don’t pick an illness I have for your damn RECREATIONAL USE.

Don’t tell me “It’s a step in the right direction”, either. You don’t give a shit about people with REAL medical issues, you just want to smoke it legally.

Don’t tell me that you know “All about it” because last year you told me that they didn’t have any studies on it because its been banned.

You won, you get to smoke it, stop your bullshit, admit to it, and we’ll get along just fine. I’d rather have a truth than a lie.

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Author: Mike

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