I hope you enjoy this one. Technically it's not a Turley story but now he is.

 Just a quick run down. About 13 years ago I almost died in the hospital. After saving my life they self induced coma as I was pretty messed up.

 When I came around and got the tubes out of me, I noticed this Shadow type thing hanging out in my room. I never saw him more than 20 seconds but he was definitely there.

I blew it off as I figured I was seeing this because I was sick, because I was in a coma, I was on some pretty potent medicines, Etc. I figured it would go away eventually. But it didn't.

 Mind you and never scared me and I was never afraid of it. I just saw him.

 Back in New York I continue to see him. I didn't want to tell anybody as I did not want them to think I was nuts, and I'm pretty sure I was.

 One day Shari told me about her strange encounter with him. By this time I was calling him the Undertaker as he looked like a late 1800 Undertaker.

This shadow person was seen by quite a few people. Still, he did not appear to be a threat or anything. A few times I could swear he was looking right at me and knew I was there. This was startling but not frightening.

 Shari I moved across country to Yakima Washington. And this entity followed us there. We saw him on many occasions. We never saw him in the dark, but he looked like a shadow, so how could we tell?

 The day we moved to Oklahoma he completely disappeared. I never saw him again. This saddened me is after two years I had grown accustomed to seeing him.

 A few weeks ago in the backyard I swore I saw him. He was in the north side of the garden walking along the fenceline. But he disappeared as usual. He looked like the shadow person back in New York. It was a silhouette in 3D that casted no shadow.

 I have seen saw him in the front yard walking toward the trash bin and disappearing. I have seen him walking in front of my bush.

 I have yet to see him in the house but I know that is sure to come.

I am not sure and I do not believe that is a ghost. I have also read up on stories on Shadow People, but he really doesn't fit that description. I don't know what to make of him.

 But I do know one thing, if you're driving by the house and See a Shadow walking, and you see it staring directly at it, it's him. You can actually follow him to where he is headed until he disappears. 

Since other people have seen him I can guarantee you if he's floating around here you will too.

 And don't worry, he has never tried to harm me or intentionally scare me, he even leaves Shari alone. Why he's back or if it's the same entity I do not know.

 But from what I have seen of him down here and acting the way he does oh, he's the same one from New York.

 So if you see him outside of my house, give me a holler, I'll leave your name out of it if I share what you say.

 And don't be scared. He isn't scary. Just confusing.

And a Side Note: If you have friended me on my Facebook wall, I have friends that can back my story up. I am sure I will get activity about him there.

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