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 Past few days, Wow! Just Wow! 
Some people need help, thats cool. But its always the same people helping and everyone else just sitting back. I realize some people are just not in a position to do anything while others talk smack about helping but don't do squat. Yet others are to greedy to even toss a crumb to a dog.

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Turley Gardening Group.

Let's clear some things up FIRST. About 3 years ago I contacted Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds And said, "Hey we have a community garden down here with people who want to garden but are poor". They asked a few questions, I answered back and they decided to DONATE over $600 in seeds to Turley. I arranged with Ron Robinson and had B.C. mail them to the United Methodist Community Church........................


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TCA - My thoughts

I was debating on writing this as this is the first TCA meeting that I have ever been to. It is so not fair to judge on one visit. But, since Jason completely Ghosted me at the meaning, I'm going to do what I do best and run my mouth.

This isn't a condemnation of anyone there as there all good people but as I believe, misguided a touch.

So here goes.

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New  Year, New setup! Bear with me.

New Forums.
Just a basic Forum I am setting up for conversation.

Event Calender.
An easy to use, Color coded with repeated events. Ya'll think this stuff is easy, it aint.

I left Wordpress because of the update. I love Schlix but support is almost non existent. B2Evolution is super awesome but the back end is way to powerful for what I need. This may sound stupid, but trust me. Gl-Fusion seems to have a nice balance (For this week).

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