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Gardening 2021 0 (0)

OK I am going to try to post what we are growing and why next week. Hopefully I wont fail…

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Scared at non haunted graveyard 5 (2)

This happened back in Cuyler New York onĀ  Cuyler Hill. There was a lot of hiking trails and a lean-to…

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13 curves 0 (0)

If I had pick the most eerie experience I’ve ever had, it would have to be 13 curves otherwise known…

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Lancaster Pennsylvania ghost 5 (1)

I still don’t believe if I saw what happened, happened, but I will share it anyways. Pete and I used…

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The bible? 5 (1)

I decided to do this right up as many people claim to know me and what I believe. I have…

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Oklahoma Heroes 0 (0)

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Oops COTU 0 (0)

Sherry and I have some time to kill before we came home so we visited a couple places downtown. Our…

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Tors Pub 5 (2)

One of the things that I miss about NY is authentic foreign food. Within 8 miles, I could have Authentic…

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Hated memory, a lesson learned. 0 (0)

When I was growing up after school I used to cause a lot of problems. I never really got in…

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The paranormal 0 (0)

I am using the speech to text on my tablet so bear with me. I have always been interested in…

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Raped by a Gay Ghost. 0 (0)

Yes, this is a true story, I think. I know I am late getting it out, I just cant type….

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Turley Water – Chris 5 (7)

Today Shari and I went into town to renew my “Cripple Card”. I am now crippled for 4 more years….